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NFT Rewards Marketplace for artists, musicians, and several other creators who want to tokenize their work and make a fortune. Unlock the extensive revenue potential of NFT Rewards Marketplace by utilizing our solutions backed with blockchain technology.

NFT Rewards Marketplace Development

Sing To The Rhyme Of The Digital World By
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There has been a growing rise in the NFT market trend, with so many people showing increased interest. NFTs are revolutionizing the dynamics of cryptocurrency space in a storm, forecasting a future outlook with outstanding value. With thousands of NFTs being sold, the marketplace not just endorses artworks but also covers various segments such as sports, music, real estate, etc. Meanwhile, in this time, there are over 31,000 primary sales and 65,000 secondary sales accounting for over $865.6 million happening in the NFT market.

The NFT marketplace development acts as a potential revenue generator for artists and other unique creators. To put it in numbers, in March 2021, the trading volumes of NFTs on Ethereum totaled more than $400 million, and the monthly sales on OpenSea NFT marketplace were alone $95 million. With this, it is more clear that people are very much willing to spend their dollars on digital assets, thereby sending a call for crypto enthusiasts to capitalize on NFT marketplace development.

Propped with the latest technology and young minds with adept knowledge in blockchain technology, we at TurnkeyTown provide you top-notch NFT marketplace development services. Entrepreneurs can get hold of this rewarding opportunity and engage with us in white-label NFT marketplace development without delay.

What Is NFT Rewards Marketplace?

NFT Rewards marketplace demonstrates a unique platform that promotes users to effectively buy, sell, bid, and create NFTs. It is a place where buyers and sellers meet and involve in the trading of crypto assets.

Entrepreneurs can leverage the advantages offered by NFT Rewards Marketplace platform and improvise it according to the use-cases to readily serve their customers. Get in touch with us whoever shared you this opportunity and purchase bids today and start owning your own NFTs.

What Are The Enlightening Attributes Of NFT Rewards Marketplace?

Trading Opportunities

The interoperable nature facilitates trading across different NFT marketplaces. Users can gain an advantage by making use of complex trading systems, bidding, bundling, and also hold the potential to trade in the global market.


Our solution inbuilt with common inheritable standards enables to build, deploy and fix any errors that arise in blockchain platforms. It lets to standardize the collectibles that represent NFT in the marketplace.


Bring together the process of transfer, ownership, and access over all non-fungible tokens with one common standard.

Liquidity Pool

NFT marketplaces instill the ability to trade instantly, which leads the way for higher liquidity. NFT tokens can be interchanged as collaterals for liquid cash and cryptocurrencies for quick cash. It lets to standardize.


Immutable rules given in the smart contracts enforce the conditions on each individual token, making them truly unique. Immutable rules given in the smart contracts enforce the conditions on each individual token, making them truly unique.


Retain the scarcity of NFTs in your platform by restricting the number of tokens to specific numbers that can be minted.

Why NFT Rewards Marketplace Crypto-Collectibles
Platform Is A Desirable Business Venture?

Users have the unrestricted capability to list on and trade any digital collectibles like art, music, etc., in the form of non-fungible tokens.
There are different types of NFT tokens, and each of them with unique functionalities. A white-label NFT marketplace serves as a standard platform for the trading and purchasing of tokens.
NFT marketplaces are to be integrated with a high liquid API that enables users to trade on NFT collectibles by keeping NFT collectibles as collateral in return for instant cash.
Different NFT token standards such as ERC721 and ERC1155 interoperate and function with other token ecosystems. It makes the platform more lively and robust for trading.
NFT platforms are open-source online selling platform that grants complete control of the collectibles to the owner without the involvement of any intermediaries.
Currently, the trend of NFTs is exploding in the crypto space holding a tremendous potential for gaining high returns on investments through multiple revenue streams.
The written line of codes in smart contracts automates the process, thus eliminating any fraudulent activities or intermediaries in the NFT marketplace.

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How Does NFT Rewards Marketplace Platform Work?

White-label NFT Marketplace Platform Development

1 Sign up and integrate wallet
User can sign in to the NFT marketplace and combine with the digital wallet.

2 Create NFTs
After setting up the wallet, users can create a collection of NFTs and list them for sale on the NFT platform.

3 Explore Storefront
The NFT Rewards Marketplace platform features a wide range of NFTs for buyers to purchase.

4 Buy NFTs
Buyers can bid on NFTs starting at $0.01/USD. After winning their desirable NFTs can either make bids in an open auction or by paying the fixed price in the NFT platform.

5 Transfer of NFTs
The NFTs are then transferred to the buyer’s wallet in exchange for the payment made via credit/debit card or other cryptocurrencies.

Our NFT Rewards Marketplace Platform Gorged
With Exclusive Features

NFT Rankings

This feature ranks the NFTs on an hourly basis with respect to price, trading volume, and several other criteria. It displays the top-ranking NFTs in specific categories for users to purchase.


Non-fungible tokens are digital assets that are listed under collections. The users can buy/sell multiple tokens from here by paying the necessary gas fees.


Users can bid for the NFTs in an open auction and buy them at the desired price. The bidding option lets users buy collectibles by bargaining on their own terms.

Bundle Listing

NFTs can be listed in bundles in the NFT platform, eliminating the need to list it one by one. Thus, the bundled service feature greatly helps in listing the tokens with ease.

Simple Protocol

Our white-label NFT marketplace solution comes readily with a protocol explaining the steps to manage the software. Therefore, anyone without technical knowledge can even operate it well.

Multiple Device Compatibility

We design our solutions that are compatible with multiple devices. This allows users to log in and trade on any devices at their convenience.


NFT marketplaces are flooded with numerous digital collectibles. Offer ease to your users by embedding search filters with which NFTs can be sorted out based on recently listed, highest price, lowest price, popular ones, etc.

Unlockable Content

Enthrall your users by offering special unlockable content. It may be special offers or coupon codes that get unlocked only after the successful purchase of NFTs.

Collaborator Access

The seller can add a collaborator and give them the access to modify collection settings, create new items, receive payments or make any other changes.


Our ready-made NFT marketplace development solutions are structured with additional payment gateways, KYC modules, AML modules, Security layers, etc., to run a more professional and user-friendly marketplace.

How To Utilize Our NFT Rewards Marketplace
To Make Killing Profits?


Relish a consistent revenue flow from your NFT marketplace by charging a commission fee. Levy commission charges for creating, selling, and buying NFTs on your marketplace.


NFTs are generally sold on the NFT marketplace through auction listing. So, what if you can monetize on that? Sounds like a lucrative idea? Add revenue gains to your pocket by charging an auction fee on every successful completion of the auction. By this way, you can enhance the liquidity of your NFT marketplace.


Allocate a separate ad space in your marketplace for advertising or promoting other brands. Advertising fee can be charged for featuring such ads, which gains you considerable revenue.


For every product that is listed in your marketplace, you can charge a listing fee for putting it in your storefront. You can charge the listing fee based on the price value of NFT that is being exhibited.

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Varied Token Standards We Build
In Our NFT Rewards Marketplace

ERC20 is the most common fungible token standard. They are interchangeable in nature, as any ERC20 token can be exchanged with another.
This is the first-ever introduced standard of NFTs. Every ERC721 token is unique and holds a different value from other tokens built using the same smart contracts that account for its rarity.
Like ERC721 tokens, they are non-fungible, but the difference is that they are composable.
ERC1155, a multi-token standard built for creating both fungible and non-fungible tokens. It uses less fees than ERC721 as the transactions are bundled here.

Elite Features To Provide High-grade Security
To Our NFT Rewards Marketplace Platform

Our solutions are integrated with advanced security features to enhance the security of the marketplace. With AES 256 encryption and PII data integrity, the security of the platform is toughened.
Firewall, DOS, DDOS
For advanced security, the solution is incorporated with firewall protection for the web application, server handling, ports handling. Furthermore, DOS and DDOS security is added to protect against illegal and harmful traffic.
Blacklist Users
Admins can monitor the user activities based on their IP address and other factors. In case they sense any illegal or unlawful activities, they can blacklist the users.
Two-factor Authentication
The two-factor authentication verifies the user before they get to access the NFT marketplace. Methods like two-factor authentication, Google authenticator, Re-Captcha, etc., guarantees the authenticity of the users.

NFT Rewards Marketplace Development Services
For Different Blockchain Platforms

We offer services to assist you in building an NFT marketplace on any blockchain platform such as,

  • Ethereum

  • Tron

  • Hyperledger

  • Polygon

  • Stellar

  • EOS

  • Polkadot

  • Cardano

  • Open Chain

Developing A NFT Trading Platform For The Average Person

Our business-specific NFT marketplace development approach enables us to deliver quality solutions to our clients that can generate huge ROI and profits from the business. Backed by a potent team who have sturdy knowledge in handling blockchain technology, works round the clock to create an NFT marketplace software as per the business requirements. Furthermore, our solutions are 100% decentralized, customer-specific, and enable the instant launch of your marketplace in no time. Hurry now to us and turn your enthusiasm into money.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Are you desiring to go ahead with NFT Rewards Marketplace, then, without further doubts, proceed on with it and start magnetizing zillions of NFTs. All biddings start at $0.01, so you have TONS of opportunities to own NFTs that you can hold and resell later to make even greater profits.